Too Faced Melted Lipstick Melted Velvet

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Had this for a while, but have only used twice. Its a beautiful color, but stick to nudes mostly. The product has probably over 90% left in it and the sponge tip can be disinfected. The texture is the same as the day I bought it smells good so that tells me it hasn’t gone off. Hope someone who likes this color and brand can get a good use out of this product.

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  • parekhmansi2014

    Will you ship to canada

    • madeline.christine

      I can find out how much it would cost but of course the shipping cost would have to reflect the change. I will find out later and add the shipping option if you are interested 🙂

    • madeline.christine

      Alright so I looked it up and cheapest I could send it would be for around $10, but depending on your address it could be a little more. That’s a lot more than the item. If you still want to do that I am willing. 🙂