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The Makeup Eraser cloth is a unique and gentle makeup remover. It’s soft and gentle – just wet the cloth with warm water and your makeup is easily removed, including waterproof eyeliner, 3D mascara and face paint. Because you don’t need to use harsh soaps and only uses warm water, the cloth is gentle on your skin.

The cloth is eco-friendly and reusable – no need to buy and throw-away cotton balls, one use towelettes and plastic bottles of makeup remover. No more ruining washcloths – simply throw it in the wash and stains come out. Being completely reusable, lasting up to 1,000 washes, means you will save money on makeup removal products, not to mention time removing all that makeup too.Makeup Eraser also makes the perfect travel companion. You don’t have to remember to pack makeup remover products like cotton balls and liquid removers. Just throw this cloth into your purse or bag and take it with you. Replace all those removal products with this one simple cloth that’s easy to take along with you anywhere.

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