Runve Ozone O3 Clean & Beauty Kit

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Ozone O3 is formed by three Oxygen elements, one of them possesses strong ionization character, when is ionized, it became “initial oxygen”, it possesses strong oxidation ability. easy to unite with other matters. makes ozone has strong sterilize, neutralize poison, eliminate stink and bleach functions. It’s peculiar herbal smell gives people the fresh feeling. Provide unusual effect to anti-inflammation, anodyne and skin whitening. Promote skin health with special effectiveness.
Negative Ion activate were discovered and utilized by medical and beautify field very early, it can accelerate the slight saponificate process to purify the blood; as well as accelerate metabolism and remain the normalize of cell skin’s electric potential, strengthen cell function to expel carbon dioxide, strengthen absorb oxygen and nutrition matters. Increase immunity, enforce the disease resisting ability. Furthermore, it can drive the internal secretary glands secrete smoothly, normalize the blood generation function. Diminish the release of nervous hormone and accelerate metabolism to reach the effect on adjusting the sympathetic nerve. Through the effect of capillary action, the negative ion will completely improved skin quality, resume it to be nature and younger.
RUNVE Ozone Clean & Beauty Kit is adapt “flat type silence electric release method” to produce Ozone, use the resolve of oxygen in the air to convert 3O2 to 2O3 and get the atable O3. This O3 is a clean, fresh atmosphere, it possess strong sterilize effect for germs. Use at the skin may perform sterilize and anti-inflammation, resolve dirt and makes the face grows no pimples. Moreover, it will combine with the electric appliance to produce high frequency wave, under the vacuum condition to release violet light. The effect combines the Ozone and high frequency wave vibration, will realistically produce healthy, white human skin.
The beautify effect of Ozone Clean & Beauty Kit:
Cleansing, Sterilizing, Remove Pimple and Acne.
Use Ozone Clean & Beauty Massager can completely clean up the aging horny skin layer, pimple and acne at pores and all other skin problem.
Accelerate metabolism and delay skin aging.
The Ozone produced by Ozone Clean & Beauty Massager, through the contact and absorption by skin, possess the sterilizing effect, simultaneously makes the skin tissue breath and resolve the oxygen. Assist the blood circulation and accelerate the metabolism.
Enhance the cell’s activation, maintain the skin brightness, smooth, soft and resilience, to achieve the effect of oxygen increasing, white beauty, activate and anti-aging.
Micro vibration massage, activate skin.
Ozone Clean & Beauty Massager is applied the vibration of high frequency waves and coordinate Ozone, stimulate common production to make skin deep layer with micro massage. This may enlarge the blood tube. accelerate blood circulation, circulation of Lymph, up-rising the oxygen contain in blood. The oxygen negative ion is able to convert the acid type blood to alkali blood. Reach the cleansing blood effect. Assist to improve skin quality, remain skin at health and beauty.
Avoid continuous use for over 5 minutes. 
Ultra violet light cover is used glass material, should not heat it by force. Should mop for clean and avoid cleansing by water after used. 
Any wound or inflamed at skin should check with doctor to make sure if suitable to do massage. Shall any irregular condition is found, must to be checked by doctor, 
Nurse baby, pregnant women, or gastric ulcer patient, cerebral embolism patient must not use this devise. 
For avoid malfunction, do not break apart this devise of modify it. 
Should keep the devise from radio, television, computer and other electric appliance from at least 3 meters distance.

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