O2 Magic Clear Bubble Cleanser

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Made with refined concentrates of daffodils and red ginseng, the O2 Magic was created to help enhance absorption of the microfiber repairing cream.



Daffodils are known to have a strong cleansing power and pore shrinking results; it can also soften your skin to prevent the buildup of dead skin which prohibits you to absorb the vitamins from the repairing cream.



Red ginseng is known to enhance blood circulation and cellular respiration which makes your skin cells active at all times, slowing down the aging process of skin cells will give you an ANTI-AGING effect!



The two combined together help your facial skin to better absorb the vitamins  from the repairing cream.

Compared to the common “wait 3 to 5 minutes for bubbles to form”, our O2 Magic bubbles within 15 seconds because it is ALL NATURAL!


Product Instructions

Squeeze on to DRY FACIAL SKIN because product is water soluble so wet face will dissolve the product and your face will not be cleansed.
Recommended one drop on left cheek, right cheek, forehead and bottom chin.
With both hands, massage product into facial skin with circular motion and the MAGIC will happen… INSTANT BUBBLING!
Massage product on DRY skin for 20 seconds, then wait one minute for the bubbles to do their job and be absorbed into your pores !


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