Marc Jacobs Nude Lip Gloss from the First Blush Collection under the name Blush Marc Jacobs. Extremely Rare!! 0.07oz. Only used once.

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What is this item?
It is Nude Lip Gloss by Marc Jacobs and also has a mirror on the inside lid. MPN is 4180. This is from the box set called, Blush Marc Jacobs: First Blush Collection. This is extremely rare so get this while you can.
This has been only been used once. More info in the Condition Section below.

What is the size and/or measurement of this item?
Measures about 2″(W) x 1/2″(thick).
Net Wt. 0.07oz. / 2g.

Can you explain what I am seeing in the picture?
This is 5 photos of the exact 1 item that you are buying. Photos 1 and 2 are of it open. Photos 3 and 4 are of it closed. Photo 5 is the underside view of it that has the label on it.

Does this picture look close to what I will see in person?
No. The shade looks pink in the photo for some reason. In person it will look like more of a gold tan with sparkles in it. Also, it is hard to see the swipes in the middle from where it was used once. Looks like a 3 dabbed use concentrated in the center.

What is the condition of it?
It was applied once. You can see three dab swipes in the middle…. One for each lip and a third to finish.

What other info should I know about this?
This is the rarest of all. It came from the First Blush Collection which was a box set under Blush Marc Jacobs. You won’t find this anywhere.

What do I need to know about your shipping terms?
It’s easy. It is .99 First Class shipping if you live in the U.S. And there are more options if you want them including International Priority (Everywhere) for $29.99. See the section below. I ship out items very quickly. Orders mail within 24 hours of cleared payment and include free tracking for U.S. shipments.

Can I ask you more questions about it?
Absolutely. If you scroll down, you can ask me a question by using the comments section.

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  • philosophy_com

    Would you do $20?

    • nicknicksellingstuff

      Thanks for the offer. A brand new one sold for $43 so I think the price is good, but I’ll come down a little more….. Could you do $27?

    • nicknicksellingstuff

      If you still want it for $20, I’ll drop the price for you.
      Just let me know.