MAC Ruby Woo Lipstick/Retro Matte

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  • Belowretail1

    Do you have anymore lipsticks? 🙂

  • nhungcali2005


    I recently ordered two of your Mac lipsticks ($21 total). My payment was sent to (shown in my paypal invoice after I submitted the payment). However, I just received another request of paypal payment for this purchase. Could you please help me clarify this? Thanks.

  • nhungcali2005

    I checked my paypal account and it shown that the payment was completed, just fyi.

    • leila54

      Just in case anyone else has sent me any money for this item, please note that I actually haven’t received any of it in my verified paypal account.

      Hello! You were the first person to bid, so you won both items. I sent the invoice because nothing had deposited in my account. I didn’t want to delete these threads before I contacted you/in case anyone else had a payment question. IDK what’s going on. I guess that you should just ignore the invoice that I just sent.

  • nhungcali2005

    Thank you for your quick response! I guess in this case you may want to contact Brittany for further clarifications regarding the whole paypal situation.

    • leila54

      I didn’t realize that the payment had to go through the site’s admins first. I thought that the payment process was cut and dry like other sites. Sorry about all of this.

  • nhungcali2005

    They changed the rules a bit to avoid sellers who won’t ship out items after receiving payments.

    No worries. Have a good day! ^^

    • leila54

      I’ve contacted them. Hopefully, this will all be settled soon. Again, I’m sorry for the confusion.

  • Kim

    Hi, i just want to ask, i did purchase this item and i have the receipt from mua at 7am. Don’t know if is me or nhungcali is the first one who purchased. Pls answer