MAC Quite Cute Lipstick!

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100% Authentic MAC lipstick!

Usage shown with TONS left!

Fully Sanitized!

absurdly low price!


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  • adiann

    Still up here but claims its no longer available?????

  • Rosario

    Most of them sold and the rest are not available to you because you are a creep who will not stop harassing me! STOP HARASSING ME! STAY OFF MY LISTINGS! I HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH YOUR ORDER NOT PROCESSING! YOU HAVE BEEN REPORTED! QUIT EMAILING ME 50 TIMES A DAY.
    Potential buyers this woman above is insane. She placed an order that never processed. I didn’t get her order nor her money and she will not leave me alone because the items sold to others because she NEVER ACTUALLY PAID FOR ANYTHING!

  • adiann

    What a lie,, if its being process that means fool,,, it was paid for,, if not paid for your order will automatically cancel, you just was not smart enough to get the money, dummy

  • mallgood

    Charming I nought the HK quads and other stuff yesterday. I want this and I’m going to comment on what else I want to buy from you

  • Rosario

    Great! Are you needing them bundled dear?