Lorac Pro 1 Palette

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One Lorac Pro 1 Palette (Black one in photo). Lightly- used.

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  • OlyaP

    HI Mary ,I am in Vancouver BC and would love to get this palette. I am new to this website. Please let me know what is the next steps are for the purchase.thanks, Olya.

    • MUABS

      Hi OlyaP, welcome to the site. If you click “ADD TO CART” and then “VIEW CART”… you should be able to buy the item that way. 🙂

      Email me at support@muabs.com if you need any help.

  • Mcd805

    Hi Olya! Yes the previous comment is correct. Let me know if you have any questions!


    P.S. I love Vancouver!

  • ohmoxey

    do you still have this?

    • Mcd805


  • Jessearly52

    Hey there! Do you still have this item?

    • Mcd805

      yes it’s still available

  • Jessearly52

    Do you still have the lorac pro 2? And if so could you make a deal where I can buy both?

    • Mcd805

      Yes and I can definitely make a deal. $25 each for both and $10 shipping total for both. $10 savings

  • Jessearly52

    Okay yeah, that sounds great! Love love lorac eyeshadows!!

    • Mcd805

      Hi Jess,

      I have put together a new listing in my shop titled ‘Jessearly52 lorac’. It has the terms we discussed. I will keep it up for 4 days if you would still like to purchase.


  • usernameattempt4

    Is the palette still available?

  • Zashraf85

    Is palette still available

  • scar1508

    Is this still available?