Etude House Beauty Shot Face Blur

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Selling Etude House Beauty Shot Face Blur! This is a product from Korea. Barely used, not expired. Wear it under makeup as a primer or wear alone or poreless looking skin!

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  • givememore

    will you do $6.34

    • Arisariddle

      Hmm, the lowest I can go is probably $8.

  • Arisariddle

    Sorry, $9 is the lowest I can go. The bottle is still pretty full after all. But if you get it at $9 I can also throw in a free sample.

  • givememore

    Ok no problem. Will buy right now if you can do free ship.

    • Arisariddle

      Sorry, I’m not going to do free shipping. I only do that for larger orders, but I am willing to lower it down to $8 is you’re more comfortable with that.