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  • Carmen

    Did you ship my items? I messaged you last week about my purchase of two of your eyeshadows. I still haven’t received them. Can you message me back? 🙂 thanks so much for your help! Xoox

  • NST

    hi Carmen. I messaged you back the same day last week. can you please check the comment board? I promised those shadows to someone else and made a mistake by not saving them in my shop.

  • Enginerd

    Hi, I made a purchase from you on August 8th and you said you were shipping my item on August 9th, but I haven’t received anything. Did you ship my item and if so, what’s the tracking number? Thanks!

  • Enginerd

    *items (NARS blush mini and Laura Mercier highlighter mini)

  • NST

    hi. I got hit with an awful sinus infection and mailed the products today. I apologize for the delay. tracking number is 9400110200829119425022.


    • Enginerd

      No worries, I’ve had my fair share of sinus infections so I know how awful they can be–I’m glad you’re feeling better. 🙂

      The package just arrived and the items look great–thank you so much!!!

  • cflorentin

    hello i ordered something from you on august 7th and i never received it

  • NST

    hi CFlorentin. here is your tracking no: 9400110200829110336716. I sent it on Aug 8th. I can email you a copy of the receipt if you would like. I am not sure why it is delayed in getting to you.


  • NST

    Enginerd- Thank you for understanding. I am happy that you pleased with the products!

    take care,